2023 FoodService & Hospitality Expo

Hospitality and Horeca at its best on 4-6 November 2023

FOODSERVICE & HOSPITALITY EXPO can easily be considered the event expected by the entire Horeca industry, but also the reason for the transformation of the Laminor Hall into the meeting place of professionals active in the field in South-Eastern Europe. It was 3 full days for the exhibitors who prepared in advance to impress potential Romanian and international business partners and no less than 10,000 visitors.

As the excitement subsides, we begin to consolidate the echoes of the third edition of the FoodService & Hospitality Expo, we reflect with gratitude on this journey undertaken a year ago. It is also the ideal moment to analyze the results and to thank the exhibitors who chose to be part of this extraordinary event, bringing their unique contribution through the segment they represent. We thank the visitors who joined us in unexpected numbers, added vitality and energy to the fair and who certainly motivate us to constantly raise the bar.

We are also grateful to the professionals in the organising teams who, from planning to execution, have shown patience and always ensured that everyone has the best conditions to enjoy the fair experience. Because we want such events to become a reference in the years to come, we will use the experience gained to anticipate challenges for future editions.

I want to thank everyone who joined my initiative to make the capital for 3 days the centre of interest for the Horeca industry in the region. It has been a sustained effort for about a year, from identifying the right location, to promotion, to set-up and culminating in the fair itself. I was delighted to see that professionals from our country offered their unconditional support, a sign that a fair of this magnitude was both expected and desired. I am proud to be part of a community of accomplished professionals, creative entrepreneurs who strive to make Romania an example of hospitality evolution.

I can say without a doubt that we have succeeded in making FoodService & Hospitality Expo a fair that is comparable to similar events in other countries, to create a framework in which each visitor or entrepreneur has easily identified their area of interest, found solutions and partners.”, said Silvia Ion – the organiser and initiator of this project.

This year’s success is not only a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, but also a clear indicator that the hospitality industry is on the right track. We hope that next year’s edition of FoodService & Hospitality Expo will bring even more exhibitors and visitors, especially since it is already proven to be the right stage to display our country’s potential and make a significant impact in the region.

FoodService & Hospitality Expo is the only specialized fair in our country that offers access to a wide range of solutions for running a Horeca business in the best conditions and a place where professionals from the Horeca and hospitality industries can promote their services and the products.

2023 Visitor survey

Visitors’ profile

It was 3 full days for the exhibitors who prepared in advance to impress potential Romanian and international business partners and no less than 10,000 visitors.

Visitors expectations

The visitors expressed their satisfaction for the excellent range and quality of the products they discovered at FoodService & Hospitality Expo 2023, as well as the large number of exihibitors.

2024 expectations

98% of visitors said they would visit FoodService & Hospitality Expo 2024

Partner testimonials 2023
An exclusive opportunity to be part of the largest fair in SE Europe a chance to mingle with peers and future partners
FoodService & Hospitality Expo, 4th Edition, November 16 - 18, 2024, Laminor Hall, Bucharest
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