An exclusive opportunity to be part of the largest fair in SE Europe, a chance to mingle with peers and future partners.

Manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers | Retailers and wholesalers | Exporters and importers | Technological start-ups | Solution providers and technology companies | Experts and industry specialists

Categories of products/services

Meat & Poultry, Dairy, Canned products, Pulses grains & cereals, Fats & oil, World food, Vegan, Beverage, Organic, Halal kosher, Alternative meat, Superfoods, Aerizanal local producers, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Fish, Eggs, Sweets and snacks, Bread and other bakery products, Oils and Fats, Sauces and Pickles, Ready meals, Instant food, Pasta, Baby Food, Breakfast Cereals, Herbs, Spices and Salt, Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits, Jams, Honey and Creams, Gourmet products etc.

Organic Food

Organic, certified food, Natural and traditional products, Clean Label, Gluten-free products, Other organic products

Soft drinks & alcoholic beverages

Water, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Tea, Wines, Alcoholic beverages, Beers, Ciders, Premium alcohol, Organic wines


Food raw materials and ingredients, Food additives, Flavourings and Colourings, Proteins and starches.


Food Processing Machines, Filtering, Heating and Cooling Equipment, Software, Automation and IT Services, Quality Control, Automation software solutions, SAS solutions, POS, Digital marketing, E commerce, Delivery platforms, Virtual brands

Equipments & software solutions

Food and Beverages Production Equipment, Food Processing Machines, Filtering, Heating and Cooling Equipment, , Refrigeration and Controlled temperature logistics, Automation and IT Services, Quality Control, Delivery and aggregators solutions.

Non-Food Products/Services

Interior design services, Cleaning& Hygiene Products, Textile Products, Crockery Items For Hotels, Restaurants, Furniture, Packaging for Food&Drinks

What being an exhibitor can do for your company?
  • Direct business contacts, acquiring new business contacts, generating databases of potential customers, new business partners from Romania and abroad, existing customers networking;
  • Market review and evaluation of the competition’s offer – tracking the latest trends and innovations, objective analysis against the competition, and feedback collection;
  • Positive brand image promotion;
  • Newest trends in the industry – through seminar and discussion panels participation, attending workshops and conferences, specialists and authorities constructive dialogues;
  • Chance to reduce the company’s operating costs by finding alternate or more suitable suppliers.
  • Presentation of the company’s offer, new products and not least sales;
An exclusive opportunity to be part of the largest fair in SE Europe, a chance to mingle with peers and future partners.
FoodService & Hospitality Expo, 4th Edition, November 16 - 18, 2024, Laminor Hall, Bucharest
Events @ FooodService & Hospitality Expo
FoodService & Hospitality Expo, 3rd Edition will take place in Bucharest, Romania, having high prospects of being the most prominent event in RETAIL & HORECA of South-Eastern Europe!

Competitions for professionals

FooodService & Hospitality Expo Chef's Cap
Chefs Cup
FooodService & Hospitality Expo Sushi Cap
Sushi Cup
FooodService & Hospitality Expo Pizza Cap
Pizza Cup
FooodService & Hospitality Expo Desert Cap
Pastry Cup

3 days of events for Horeca & Retail professionals

  • Shows & Creative Cooking demonstrations, including Vegan Kitchen
  • Meat culinary show
  • Baristas & Bartenders demonstrations
  • Chefs Contests
  • Pastry Chefs Contests
  • Sushi Cup
  • Food& Beer and Food& Wine pairing
  • Workshops: Food Waste & Sustainability, Functional Design, Fiscality&Legislation
  • Innovation Show

Industry professionals




International exhibitors

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